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Alcamo is located in the northwestern part of Sicily, under the Bonifato Mountain, in the background of Castellamare Bay.

Alcamo Marina offers an excellent sandy beach. This is approx. 6 km from the center of Alcamo and 5 km from Castellammare del Golfo.

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The settlement was originally a place of relaxation for the rich, urban citizenship of the former small fishing village - a remarkable Art Nouveau villa and spa town.

The fine sandy beach in the Caribbean, and the harbor of the tiny fishing village are not only an excellent subject for photography, but you can also taste pasta and fine fish in local restaurants.

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Scopello, situated in a rocky inlet, is an idyllic small village in the northwestern corner of Sicily, found to the west of Palermo. The beauty of this place has recently attracted film directors and famous photographers. Scopello and its famous rock towers (Faraglioni di Scopello) have appeared in the film Ocean’s Twelve.

A couple of kilometers further you can find the Zingaro nature reserve (this was the first place in Sicily to become protected, in 1981).

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Throughout its thousand years old history, the city has always been an important trading port on the Mediterranean Sea.

Messina was founded by the ancient Greeks during the Greek colonization of the Mediterranean. Later, the Romans, the Byzantines and the Arabs, the Normans, the Swabians and the Anjou rulers left their cultural and architectural imprint on the region just as the once so frequent earthquakes and wars.

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Terrasini is a beautiful small town in the province of Palermo, Sicily. The settlement between the mountains is 30 kilometres away from the highway, it’s not too difficult to get there, that’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

The locals’ main way of making their living is the bustling tourism - the other one is fishing. So it is definitely worth trying out one or two of it’s gastronomic wonders in one of it’s charming little restaurants, which you can find all along the city.

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