Catania - In the shades of Mount Etna

Catania, one of Sicily's most important commercial centres, lays on the eastern side of the island, 30 kilometres from the Mount Etna, where the last major volcano outbreak happened in 1693.

It wasn't today - maybe that's why the locals found it proper to build their homes and other buildings from the volcano's black lava stones. Also - the beautiful Normann cathedral of the city was built from these in the late 17th century. Catania has a history of seismic movement. It was partly destroyed several times because of the Etna - yet, the locals endure, and live with the changing mood of their surroundings. The city had a long and eventful history - it was once one of Italy's most important artistic and political centres.

Today, Catania is one of the main economic, touristic and educational centres of Sicily. There are a lot of interesting facts, legends and stories to discover in Catania. We don't want to spoil your fun, so we won't tell you any more.

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