Take charge of your trip! Get fully protected

Extra security

If you only have basic insurance and get into an accident, you could be liable for part or all of the deductible/excess under the insurance plan. Full Coverage covers your deductible/excess, towing expenses, major repair costs, and more.

Great price

Full Coverage means peace of mind at a friendly price—half the cost of most insurance policies offered by local car providers.

Easy to make a claim

If you’ve had an accident, simply contact our friendly Customer Support Team. Once you’ll give us all the details, we will quickly analyze the situation, then refund you for charges and costs related to the incident.

Fully Refundable

In the event that you cancel your booking, you will receive a full refund for the Full Coverage. You may also decide to cancel our Full Coverage at any time prior to pick-up.

You can add Full Coverage after choosing your car.