Terrasini - Palermo province’s popular holiday resorts

Terrasini is a beautiful small town in the province of Palermo, Sicily. The settlement between the mountains is 30 kilometres away from the highway, it’s not too difficult to get there, that’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

The locals’ main way of making their living is the bustling tourism - the other one is fishing. So it is definitely worth trying out one or two of it’s gastronomic wonders in one of it’s charming little restaurants, which you can find all along the city.

There are a lot of cafés, souvenir shops and museums – there are many places of interest in the city. Like the Museo Civico – divided into three parts – the natural, the historical and the archaeological themed parts – all of them are quite interesting. If you are already here, visit the seat of the cities administration, the Palazzo Grua, and the town’s library, Palazzo Cataldi as well. One cannot complain about Terrasini’s natural beauty either, since the large rocky cave, Grotta Perciata awaits for it’s explorers, together with the red rocks of the Red Bay (or Cala Rossa), and it’s also worth checking out the nearby natural park.

Usually there’s a lot to celebrate in Terrasini, such as at the Festa di Maria delle Grazia Santissima in early September, the Easter Sunday, or the theatres summer season from June till September.

There’s always a lot to see, do and enjoy in Terrasini. Culture and fun, long, sandy or stoney beaches with a lot of sunshine and a fabulous milieu. Rent a Car in Sicily will help you get around with a wide variety of rental vehicles and accommodations.

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