The green of Sicily's nature

Agrigento is surrounded by green and blended with bustling modern apartment blocks. They curve around Sicily's oldest tourist site, the Valley of the Temples (or Valle dei Templi), which placed on the map of wonders first by Goethe in the 18th century.

Once Pindar, the ancient Greek poet said, that the people of Akragas (ancient Agrigento) were "built for eternity but feasted as if there were no tomorrow" - in recent days the modern town, with its artful inhabitants, has more in common with that character than the remnants of the ancient town suggests about it's late people.

The people are only part of this ancient settlement's atmosphere. It doesn't matter, that it's overshadowed by the new city on the hill above, the splendid Valley of the Temples is such a place that when you get down to the ruins that you will be amazed by its true monumentality. Modern Agrigento is one of the liveliest cities in Sicily, always bustling with temperament life.

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