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Palermo - The ancient capital of Sicily

PalermoSicily - the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea, where a special atmosphere awaits you. Sunshine, mountains, volcanoes, and wine - they are all the flesh and bones of Sicily. The island was home for a lot of nationalities throughout history, resulting in a highly complex cultural life and architecture developed here.

You can find beautiful ancient remnants and buildings throughout Sicily which faithfully preserved the main features of the ancient art of the island. And of course you shouldn’t forget about the culinary pleasures – explore the southern cuisine! Sicily’s sights, the palm trees, the blue sea and the ancient monuments enchant all visitors. This is an offer you can’t refuse - A hike on the land of the mafia is even more adventurous than most of seaside resorts. You can enjoy the hospitality of the temperamental locals any time of the year, thanks to the pleasant weather conditions, you can spend an unforgettable holiday on Sicily whenever you like.

The capital of the island, Palermo which is surrounded by the Monte Pellegrino and the Monreale mountains, still reflects its former magnificence – mostly with its baroque palaces. Its Dome is the jewel of the city since the 12th century and it’s one of the most gorgeous on the world. You might also want to wander around in the shades of the Orto Botanico, visit the Capella Palatina, the Palazzo di Normanni and many, many more attractions. Oh, and if you get hungry, you should find the beach, because (the city central as well) it’s full of restaurants, cosy terraced cafes, and that wonderful rich Mediterranean cuisine.

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