Mazara del Vallo

Mazara del Vallo

Mazara del Vallo is a small town best known for its fishing and agriculture, located in the province of Trapani on the South Western coast of Sicily.

The city center is an Arabic quarter called the Casbah, as the heritage of Arabic architectures. Museo del Satiro in piazza Plebiscito, where the 'Dancing Satyr' can be seen, a bronze statue over 2 meters tall found at the port in 1998, at a depth of 500 meters by a local fishing boat. The statue is believed to have been shaped by Greek artist Praxiteles who lived in the 4th century BC. Ever since the discovery of the sculpture, the tourism in Mazara del Vallo has increased significantly.

Mazara del Vallo is quite an energetic town in the evening with a beautiful promenade that can be find between Piazza Mokarta and Piazza Matteotti and on the waterfront Giuseppe Mazzini. Tourist can try some restaurants in the center, where the kitchen still hold Arab traditions, Couscous is a traditional dish of Tunisia is part of the local cuisine.

The weather in Mazara del Vallo is warm and temperate. In winter, there is much more rainfall in Mazara del Vallo than in summer. The temperature here averages 18.0 °C. The rainfall here averages 455 mm. November is the rainy month. This month should be avoided if you don't like too much rain.

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