The most beautiful Baroque cities in Sicily are located in the Val di Noto. Siracusa, Noto, Ragusa or Catania is one of the most famous Modica. Unlike Ragusa or Noto on the hilltop, it is built in Modica Valley, giving the city its unique location.

We can see the magnificent manifestations of the Baroque Sicilian style, with the impressive cathedral in the heart of the city. It is worth climbing into the bell tower, where you can enjoy views of the city from all directions and see the rooftops of Modica from a unique perspective.

The earthquake of 1693 destroyed southern Sicily almost dust, including the two neighboring cities Ragusa and Modica. Both cities were rebuilt in the then-typical Baroque style, complemented by local interpretations known as Sicilian Baroque. Together with the other Baroque cities of Val di Noto, Ragusa and Modica have been UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2002 as “the completion of European Baroque art”. After the earthquake, both Ragusa and Modica each built a new town on the hill above the old one, but the old town also retained buildings so that it was not depopulated and the collapsed buildings replaced or rebuilt with new Baroque styles.

The Sicilian citadel of chocolate, Modica, is worth a visit to the island’s oldest factory, Bonajuto Dolceria. Francesco Bonajuto opened a small candy store in the picturesque Baroque town in 1880 and meticulously prepared his increasingly famous cakes. Chocolate was brought to Sicily by the Spanish when the island came under their control. In addition, not only the raw material but also the Aztec learned method of production was adopted, so that chocolate-making has never become an industrial process like the rest of Europe. The Bonajuto plant still uses the same basic materials and essentially the same ancient methods as the Spanish introduced.

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