Taormina to Savoca

If your idea of Sicily is sea, lemon smell, flowers, sun and beautiful landscape including the Vulcano Etna you must visit Taormina, Isola Bella beach, Castelmola, Savoca. It’s a summer trip and you can do it in one day renting a car. You can get this places from Catania or from Messina, depending on where you arriving from.

Do you want to have the best breakfast in your life with the best landscape behind you? You can have it in Taormina, there you can taste the best “granita” of Sicily made with almonds (or the flavor you want),coffee and the typical Sicilian brioss served on a majolica table with the sea and Etna behind you. Taormina is probably the most visited City in Sicily and if you visit it in the summer you will understand why. Get lost in the middle of its streets, smell the lemon perfume in the air, visit its Greek Theatre, you will have the feel to live in a fairytale.

If you want to swim in a suggestive beach you can get easy, from Taormina, “Isola Bella” beach. It is a small island you can reach by walk from Taormina beach. It is a romantic place, very crowed and if you don’t like sea I advise you to visit it in the evening only to have a dinner there.

From Taormina you can reach Castelmola in about 15 minutes by car. A good advice to have lunch there and to spend a couple of hours to enjoy its small streets. There you can taste the famous “almonds wine” and have the strangest lunch in your life. Just go there and look for “Bar Turrisi”. You will enjoy the food and you will laugh for all the day.

Now, do you want to take a selfie having a coffee in the most famous bar in the world? Let’s go to Savoca. It’s a little town like others in Sicily, but there you can find “Bar Vitelli”. Don’t you know it? Are you sure? It’s the Bar where “The Godfather” was filmed. You will enjoy it!